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Goldea Group's Siyang manufacturing base product the first batch door.


Jiangsu Jindi(GOLDEA) Wood Industry Co., Ltd. (Jindi (GOLDEA)Siyang manufacturing base.) product launch ceremony was held on July 18th! The first batch of Goldea interior door was finished.   

Jindi interior door Siyang factory

Mr. Wang Yonghu, Chairman of Zhejiang Jindi (GOLDEA)Holding Group, Ms. Wang Lingjuan, President of the Company and the senior leaders of the Group and representatives of Jindi Wooden Doors Representatives from well-known industry representatives and leaders from relevant departments of Jiangsu County and the park attended the event.

Looking forward to the future, Jindi (Goldea) is striving to create a “world-class, domestically leading” product benchmark and create a new era enterprise that is “smart, benchmark and innovative”.

In recent years, the strong promotion of China's real estate hardcover houses has brought great opportunities to the building materials industry, and at the same time brought enormous challenges in production capacity and automation. Jiangsu Jindi (GOLDEA) Factory is a domestic leader in automation, high efficiency, value optimization and intelligent production. It is the largest north-south monomer manufacturing base in China's wooden door industry and one of the leading large-scale manufacturing bases in Asia.

Jiangsu Jindi wood door factory

Jiangsu Jindi (GOLDEA) Factory is an important cornerstone for Jindi (GOLDEA)Group to realize the “North-South Strategy”. After one year and eighteen days of construction, the first phase of plant and equipment commissioning has been basically completed. The first phase of annual production of 400,000 sets of high-end framed door projects has formed two automatic production lines with process automation, intelligent equipment and management network. The production capacity is mainly for the fine assembly of China's large-scale housing enterprises.

After the new base is put into production, the annual production capacity of Jindi (GOLDEA) will increase by three times, and the annual output will reach 2.5 million sets, which can meet the requirements for mass production of wooden doors of any real estate enterprise. Let dealers across the country have more confidence to open up the market and gain more initiative in the fierce competition

new factory of JIndi goldea interior wood door

The rapid completion and production of Jiangsu Jindi (GOLDEA) wood door Factory marks Jindi's development from single competition to diversified competition, from point to line to face. Integrate the north-south door industry market and create your own “North-South” chess game, thus promoting the all-round strategic layout and production expansion of Jindi (GOLDEA) Group!