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Jindi(GOLDEA)Door National Summit and Image Ambassador Signing Ceremony


On June 1-3, the signing ceremony of Jindi (GOLDEA) National Summit and Image Ambassador was held in Hangzhou, and Jindi (GOLDEA) Door also released a brand new brand strategic plan. At the same time, domestic home furnishing giants such as Beijing Real Home, Shanghai Yuexing Home Group, Wuhan Ouyada Home Group, Hangzhou Furniture Association, etc., and well-known media at home and abroad witnessed the signing ceremony of Jindimumen brand image ambassador and the new strategic plan of Jindi  (GOLDEA) brand release.

Eva Huang as GOLDEA door brand ambassador

Today's main consumer groups are becoming more and more young, and the choice of celebrity spokespersons in the company actually reveals the brand's strategic considerations.With the public influence of the stars, it is an important step to enhance the brand influence of the company and sign the brand ambassador. It is an innovation and upgrade of Jindi(GOLDEA) door brand.This also witnessed the strategic layout and adjustment of the Jindi(GOLDEA) door brand.

Jindi Wooden Door is aimed at young people who pursue quality life and pay attention to family health. Nature, health, environmental protection and fashion are the brand characteristics of Jindi.Eva Huang's fashionable and elegant temperament is consistent with the Jindi brand.Eva Huang, who is popular in "Mom is Superman", is a "strong, independent, gentle, and mother with unlimited love for children and family."This is in line with the health concept of Jindi (GOLDEA) door's guardian family and children.

superstar Eva Huang as GOLDEA WOOD DOOR ambassador

2018 is a year of clear strategy, clear positioning and systematic system in the development history of Jindi (GOLDEA) door .New terminals, new models, new heights, new scenarios, new standards, new ecosystems, these strategy will help Jindi develop new world. Jindi (GOLDEA) will fully promote its product integration, brand promotion, store performance improvement, team building profit model, talent incubation, store management, and standardized output to help Jindi Wood Door partners win the terminal market.

Jindi will focus on shaping the brand image of the big home, taking product competitiveness as the core, expanding the brand influence, and implementing the standardization operation of the overall big home brand;Create a new retail model and reconstruct the consumer ecosystem service chain;Thereby creating a new idea and new development of healthy and environmentally friendly home.

GOLDEA Innovate and upgrade gradually.

As the consumer groups become younger, they will become the market's main force after 1980, 1990, and even 2000.With the core concept of “healthy big home”, Jindi GOLDEA door’s brand strategy is gradually innovating and upgrading with the potential demand of the market.

Jindi(GOLDEA) wood door brand sells not only products, but services, culture, and a perfect living environment for health and environmental protection.We believe that this kind of life will be passed on to more consumers and bring more family life!