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"GOLDEA DOOR " High-speed train departure ceremony


The launch ceremony of the "GOLDEA DOOR" high-speed train was held at Hangzhou East Railway Station on July 3 2018.

GOLDEA DOOR High-speed train held in hangzhou east rain station

This is the first time that Hangzhou East Railway Station has held a high-speed rail launching ceremony for brands in decades! Maylin Wang , President of Jindi(GOLDEA) Group, attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech.

The "GOLDEA DOOR" high-speed rail was the main step for the GOLDEA DOOR brand to follow the famous superstar Eva Huang after the promotion of the brand!

In the train compartment, you can see the media advertisements such as the car aisle, the frame display, the headrest, and the washing room, which fully displays the brand image of "GOLDEA DOOR".

goldea door high-speed train line

The "GOLDEA DOOR" high-speed train line will run through important cities including East China, South China, Central China and Northeast China, with high-altitude advertisements on the high-speed lines of Beijing-Jinyi, Shanghai-Nanjing, Nanjing-Hangzhou and Xulian. The spread covers densely populated and economically developed areas in the central and eastern regions.

Launch ceremony of goldea door train

There is reason to believe that more and more consumers will have a new understanding of Jindi (GOLDEA) through multi-carrier advertisements with huge influence.

Jindi(GOLDEA), the leading enterprise in China's wooden doors, will create a broader world!