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Goldea door won the first place in the top 30 Chinese wooden doors


The selection of the top 20 Chinese wooden door brands in 2018 has reached a stage of white-hot. 

After a long period of registration and voting period, Goldea wood door finally lived up to expectations and reached No. 1 at monent 

Goldea wood door finally lived up to expectations and reached No. 1

Since the launch of the event, it has been widely concerned by many brands in the industry, people inside and outside the industry and well-known media in the country. Why can Goldea wood door undergo a lot of tests and get the top position?

As a company dedicated to the production of high-end healthy fashion wooden doors, GOLDEA Wooden Doors are exported to more than 70 countries and regions around the world. At the same time, there are more than 1,300 stores in China, covering almost all major cities in the country. More than 650,000 households used GOLDEA wood door. Since its establishment in 1986, Goldea factory has been adhering to the "one-stop healthy and comfortable home life" concept for more than 32 years. After years of development, continuous technical breakthroughs, data research, equipment introduction and innovative design. So GOLDEA is not only the pioneer of the industry, but also the industry leader. Advance the modernization process of China's wooden door industry and the creation of China's healthy wooden door category.

 GOLDEA wood door sales regions in the worlds

GOLDEA's achievements are determined by the quality of GOLDEA wooden doors, and the quality is trusted by thousands of users. In the manufacturing process, we adhere to the use of E0, E1 grade environmentally-friendly standard MDF materials, and cooperate with the world's best suppliers to achieve the highest green ten-ring certification in the country, and through the French A+, the US CARB certification, has been recognized worldwide.

In addition, the introduction of German HOMAG ,Italy SCM and other advanced equipment, the first to achieve the 4.0 industrialization line of intelligent production, and strict implementation of international quality standards. GOLDEA Factory has a huge capacity and one-stop custom home production line layout, which is one of the most complete factories for wooden door furniture. Can better achieve the goal of "healthy home improvement, using GOLDEA wooden door"

the goldea factory machine and process

Healthy home improvement, use GOLDEA wooden door, so Goldea wooden door to the top 2018 "China's top 30 wooden brand" honor is deserved. We believe that in the future, GOLDEA will continue to bring us more surprises and produce more high-quality healthy and stylish wooden doors. We looking forward to GOLDEA's brighter future!