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Goldea Learnt A lesson from Alibaba


On September 4, 2017, the first month of autumn, appropriate travel at the same time, under the guidance of the company's President, we came to the legendary Alibaba Xixi Park and will be here for a day of the new retail research society of taobao university study.

Tree-lined, streams around is not so much a place that office, as a leisure place more accord with the present situation, is more than the environment impact our every passing ali permeated with pride and smile on her face, if there is no heart to the company's recognition and passion to the work, it is impossible to have this kind of mental state, an enterprise brings employees must not just jobs, more major is a growth development platform, a fully approved the company enterprise culture to truly as home of a group of people together, what not to, what not?

The first lesson ali gave us today is at the beginning.

Still haunted first passion, today's share has been a teacher, whether it is ali's "the undertaking and developing direction," or "ali group, the way of talent cultivation, courses, let us deeply feel the ali's professional and thorough marrow of dedication, serious and responsible professionalism, there is no life and good, and ali can bring me such a feeling of shock, it all have to say ali's enterprise culture, learning spirit and ali ali staff belonging to build so good that it is worth learning and using for reference of too many, as HR for any one employee to our idea later, his first impression of the idea and the understanding of the company for the most part comes from HR to him, the first impression is good or bad and even in some degree directly decides the he will be what kind of mentality for the next work life, so in the next work we must will company in the most positive, sunshine, a perfect interpretation of passion for every contact with the idea.

Because of various factors, we can't make every our personnel in contact with the people choose the idea and struggle together with us, but we can do it, let them know and approved the idea "everyone enjoy good healthy home life quality" concept, a recognition of our culture, acknowledge our ideas, may not be our colleagues, but will be the idea of word of mouth disseminator and potential consumers.

So, the back of the work, we should not only let every intention to join us, we say that the idea's story to let them go to shop, go to the exhibition hall to experience the idea of the story, using our scale, our professional, our products and our strength to every people who come into contact with the idea once was convinced by the idea, and from the inside of the heart the real endorsed the idea.


I see road, does not lie in how far is the way forward, with ali this goal, as long as the trials and hardships, I believe, an example is used to catch up and surpass, star bright, to end the day learning farewell ali, set off again, efforts to the idea of tomorrow!!!!!

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