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A new employee training in Goldea

TIME: 2017-10-14

In the afternoon on September 29, 2017 , gathered a lot of new colleague from each department of Goldea in the fifth floor training room. It is a new employee communication meeting group organized by human resources center. It’s purpose is to let new joined colleagues to understand Goldea’s idea, the feelings of the idea of corporate culture, give you the opportunity to communicate with each other.

After colleagues signed into the seat, the humorous summer teacher entered the site to break the ice.

Since it is an exchange meeting, there must be a group and a demonstration of the team, the original and formal scene of the scene, under the transfer of teacher xia, a burst of excitement.

Through the discussion of team members, led by captain of the team members, in unique ways, show the power of the team and the spirit, they were the elite, tomorrow, SUNS, peer team, team of universe, and create a team, the atmosphere is particularly exciting.

Workplace training part of the construction of mentality, teacher xia from how to have passion, in view of work, what is the boss mind, how to set goals and make the result, etc., as we share the importance of workplace attitude.

Then there are the interactive, seemingly simple games, and it's not easy to succeed.

Through the "chimei stick" game, tell everyone: taking care of yourself is the greatest contribution to the team.

People only forge ahead, keep pace with The Times, and all with their own team blend in together, in order to contribute, to show team spirit, concentrate the power of the team, to make our team in the fierce market competition invincible.

Strengthening training for the second half, the group human resources director to share the idea of the story, from two story raises the idea of this particular title, full of positive energy, the presence of his colleagues in the course of a deeply into the idea...

During the training, group mr.wong also attended the training in your busy time, for us about the enterprise's mission, vision and values, at the same time, the President hope everybody work must to beginning to end, don't forget to beginner's mind, in the idea to realize their own professional ideal and life value.

The training will come to a successful conclusion after the solemn oath of entry.

Challenge yourself!

Conquer yourself!

Surpass myself!


I'm so proud of them!

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