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Unknown Aspects of Goldea(2)

TIME: 2017-03-16

Unknown Aspects of Goldea(2)

As it known by us, Goldea is a company who combines design, manufacture as well as sale, it is established in year 1986, it has 30 years interior doormanufacturing experience, so the quality is guaranteed, and for project manager, we have 3 production bases, which will guarantee you a quick delivery. Besides these, our company own our french design team. So our design is unique and welcomed by many overseas customers.

interior door, painted door, veneer painted door

And for Goldea painted door, it is also welcomed by many customers. Goldea painted door using the BADESE UV primer and PU finish paint, which guarantees the excellent painting surface. All painted door is finished under 3 layer base coat and 2 layer finish coating. And we also produce veneer painted door, we will apply real wood veneer onto the door panel to reach a solid wood feeling. It is featured with the performance of waterproof, mould proof as well as anti-scratch.

And for painted door, we also produce glass painted door, we have various glass options, which will satisfy different demands of different customers.

Goldea also provide 5 year warranty to customer, it is the confidence showed by our company, so choose us, choose right one to cooperate.


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