Solid Wood vs MDF: What's the story(3)

Solid Wood vs MDF: Whats the story(3)MDF is readily available in much larger sizes—5-foot by 12-foot panels, for example—than solid wood. These large sheets can be milled into bead board panels or wainscot panelingUnlike solid wood, there is no visible grain on the surface of an MDF panel. Therefore, the common problem of wood grain and knots bleeding through paint or stain is not a factor when MDF is used.Another consideration is cost; here, to……
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Solid Wood vs MDF: What's the story(2)

Solid Wood vs MDF: Whats the story(2)In the construction of painted cabinet doors, MDF outperforms solid wood. The conventional frame and panel method for building solid wood doors involves connecting five separate pieces: four frame pieces and a center panel cut slightly smaller than the frame because it needs to float—to allow for expansion and contraction. This is typically known as cope and stick joinery or 5-piece construction. MDF, because ……
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Solid Wood vs MDF: What's the story(1)

Solid Wood vs MDF: Whats the story(1)Isn’t solid wood always the best material? This is a question we’re frequently asked and you may be surprised that the answer is “Not necessarily.”Solid wood has many benefits; it’s strong, sturdy and beautiful in its grain. However, solid wood contracts when subjected to changes in heat and humidity. Unless these conditions are carefully controlled, cabinets, doors or paneling made from solid wood can sh……
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How to Maintain Wooden Door

How to Maintain Wooden Door1. The importance of humidity and temperature. Good ventilation and soft temperature is important for wooden door, it can avoid deformation and crack of door leaf surface. And good environment is also good for handle and hinge, it won’t rust after long time use.2. The maintenance of handle and hinge. Try to use dry hands to open and close door to avoid rust, and with soft gesture to keep door with long lifespan. 3. How ……
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Goldea New Design-”Antique” Series

Goldea New Design-”Antique” SeriesGoldea release its 2017 new door in 16th, Jan. The last series is “Antique”.Chinese antique interior door is always welcomed by most of people for its elegant design and competitive price. With the advancement of the technology, so the composite wooden door technology is more and more advanced, the overall quality of composite door is advanced. So the door is high quality with less crack cases and longer lifes……
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