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Cleaning & Care

Instructions for use

The installation instruction of Goldea goods

1. Correct placing: The goldea goods utilize reasonable scientific structure and raw material, thus they are not easy to deform, while before the installation, they should be put on horizontal board, cannot be inclined for a long time. No heavy things are allowed to be put on the goods top.

2. The storing environment: To make sure the products are put in the same temperature environment as the room. Before the installation, the goods package should be opened one day ahead in order to make it adjust to the local temperature and humidity and make sure the room is dry and ventilating. It is forbidden to put them together with solvent or volatile objects.

3. Careful carrying: The goldea goods are covered by free-lacquering film, need to be avoid of sharp or hard or heavy things to damage.

4. Forbidden things:

(1) No solvent or volatile glue can be used to install the goods. No solvent or volatile paint or glue can be put on the surface of the boards or moldings (require high attention to this!!!).

(2) The boards or molding cannot be installed on very wet wall or the walls and furniture without good humidity dealing

The using instruction of Goldea goods

1. Avoid of exposing the goods in the sunlight for long time.

2. Do not keep the goods in high humidity environment or dip in the water.(plastic wood frame is an exception)

3. Use cotton to remove the stains on the surface. If it is very severe, you can use detergent or toothpaste or specific furniture detergent. After removing the stains, make it dry immediately. The stainless cleaning ball or hard objects are forbidden.

4. Furniture wax can be used to make it shining and look new always.

5. The goods is only for interior using.

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