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How to prevent doors from deformation


Household decorates time grew, decorative materials hard to avoid can appear some problems, such as wooden door deformation phenomenon happens, especially in winter, can appear somewooden door cannot be closed, open automatically.

Generally speaking, if the Windows are open and the winter is cold, the door to the window is easy to form "the bottom corner" (bending in the direction of the window).

What happens when this happens?

The main reason that the wooden door appears the bottom of the pot is: "the bottom corner of the pot" is the deformation caused by the use of the environment such as the temperature difference of the year, and the deformation is temporary, so don't worry about it.

If the closed door opens automatically, there may be a skew in the installation or use.

If it is not serious, only the closing of the door is less than normal feeling, it is due to the normal shrinkage of the door, resulting in a larger distance between the door and the door.

This is basically a normal scaling change that will be restored after the heating period ends.

There are some solutions to this phenomenon, and a qualified door should be kept where it is, and if it is self-closing, contact the manufacturer to make adjustments.

In addition, the wooden door to use one of the most important, should take more care in the process of the use of wooden door, such as indoor air is too dry, indoor use of humidifier, or every day cleaning, use wet cloth of dry wood door brush a brush, relieve dry degree;

Summer seasons, try to keep the door open position before and after heating, make indoor and ventilated, reduce the influence of drying shrinkage is wet bilge across the hall, and that as long as the moisture content of wood material is normal, it should relieve the wooden door early cracking deformation phenomenon.

The electric heater or other heating equipment should be kept away from the wooden door to avoid heat distortion.

Wooden doors are installed in the home for the first time in winter. Don't be nervous if you find some distortion or distortion, which may be the cause of thermal expansion and contraction.

When the heating season is over, the wooden doors will return to their original shape.

If there is no recovery to find a shop to repair.

The second year that wooden door is installed, general will not have this kind of problem, and the wooden door of the brand commonly have warranty.

In daily clean, with a soft, dry cotton cloth or silk cloth, can't use hard cloth to wipe, otherwise it will scratch the surface, clean up the dust on the door, not easy to use soft cloth to wipe, we can use a vacuum cleaner to remove, if the door has serious besmirch, or special cleaning agent, can use a neutral detergent to clean up the dirt, then dry brush, not wash regularly, waxing is an effective way to keep the surface bright.

In addition, the edge and corner of the door, do not rub frequently, to avoid the fading of the edges and corners of the decorative materials.

Solid wood door is easy to produce deformation and crack, this will directly affect the sound insulation of the house, close sex and beautiful.

So it is very important to know the reason of the deformation of wood door before decoration.

What are the causes of the deformation of solid wood doors?

First, the wood moisture content is high, the water is gradually reduced in the process of use, the internal stress of the wood slowly reveals, causing deformation and cracking.

Second, the natural wood has various factors in the growth process, resulting in the uneven distribution of wood.

When the wood is planed, it changes the balance of the internal stress, causing the wood to deform and crack.

Third, real wood door deformation is sometimes a certain quality problem.

Improper construction can also cause deformation, such as improper drying treatment, too shallow back groove, and the failure of the expansion slot in construction to cause the wooden door deformation.

We want to remind the consumer, the reasonable use of wooden door and regular maintenance is very important.


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