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The difference between ceramic basin and acrylic material basin


Basin varieties, style, appearance type is very much.

Here GOLDEA will give you some introduction :

Basin can be divided into basin, hanging basin and basin, the top ten bathroom brand that basin can be divided into pots, pots and pots and pots. Basin offer difference between the poor, the level of clear, from one hundred or twenty dollars to the million pots have. The main factors affecting the basin offer are brand, raw material and appearance. Usually ceramic pots offer lower, and with stainless steel, tempered glass and other materials produced by the basin offer high contrast.

Now , GOLDEA will help you analyse the different material basins . From the current shopping malls demand point of view, the ceramic basin is still the first choice, first, with ceramic pots habitual household name; Second, ceramic basin affordable, coupled with depicting the division of the perfect shape, the ceramic basin is also no lack of characteristics of goods. In contrast to stainless steel, glass, stone to build the basin some spring snow, these goods are usually relatively well-known brands to the majority of imported goods, offer a big cut.

Acrylic basin is made of artificial organic material, is characterized by rich appearance, light weight, good finish, and offer low, but because of the existence of artificial organic materials, high temperature resistance is poor, poor pressure resistance, not wear, easy to aging Of the defects, so the acrylic basin in the use of more than three years outside the basin rarely have no color. However, some manufacturers in the production of imported high-brightness, high hardness bathroom special acrylic sheet, to a certain extent, to overcome some of the defects of acrylic. If you usually use the frequency of the basin compared to low, perhaps the house will be re-decorated within a few years, then the acrylic basin because of outstanding cost-effective, is still suitable for you.

Because the acrylic material is soft and easy to process, so the bath shape and color appropriate rich, consumers choose a larger face. Ten bathroom that acrylic bath insulation effect is higher, the winter can be a long time insulation. Lighter weight, easy to transport and installation. The appearance of the scratches can be amended. Acrylic tubs are cheaper.

Acutally, basin shape is also different .There are round, semi-circular, square, triangular, diamond-shaped, diamond-shaped, diamond-shaped, diamond-shaped, ceramic-basin, ceramic basin, ceramic basin, ceramic basin, ceramic basin, ceramic basin, ceramic basin, ceramic basin, The shape of the basin has been everywhere; rich colors, and now the ceramic basin is no longer a thousand people side of the white, because the development of ceramic skills and the prevalence of painting, colorful art basin is highly anticipated.