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Bedroom door

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  • Bedroom Wood Door with European Style DP11BF-910

    Item Number: DP11BF-910

    Dimensions:Width: 600 - 900mm; Height: 1,450 - 2,100mm 

    Customize space: 2350*1100*40mm 

    Craftsmanship:Environmentally friendly E1 MDF+ durable PVC lamination+ MDF strips/ honeycomb/tube particleboard inside

    Features: Simple and fashionable design of European style

  • 1.Simple and fashionable design of European style.

    2.Metallic feeling and sharp color contrast for high visional impact.

    3.different filling such as MDF strips, honeycomb and tube particleboardto meet different requirement and price level .

    4.The moisture content of wood is 10-12% that keep the door stable.

    5.The PVC is laminated on the MDF less than 200 degree temperature, which guarantees the door with curves against blister even in desert areas like Las Vegas, North Africa.

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